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Welcome to Real-Video-Poker.co.uk, a complete online portal for all of your video poker needs. My name is Martin Templeman and I have been playing video poker for quite a few years. It is not the only casino game I like to play, but it's certainly one of my favourites. There are plenty of games that a casino presents, but there are only a few that I find worthwhile.

I enjoy video poker mainly because of the low house edge that it offers - if you know how to pick the right machine, that is. It stimulates your mind by prompting you to make decisions with the goal of making the best winning poker hand possible. This involves more than just getting lucky; your decisions should be based on the odds of getting a particular hand given the cards that you currently have. The concentration level that is required in playing video poker can be quite intense, which is why I resort to slot machines once in a while to loosen up a little and give my mind a break.

The contents of this site include a short video poker guide that teaches you the basics of the game including rules and rank of video poker hands. If you don't know much about the game, this is a great place to start, as the object is to also teach you how to win. Explore the sections on video poker odds and strategies to gain an insight on how to play the game with the lowest house edge. You can even print off the guidelines and tips and take them with you. That way you can take them with you wherever you go. If you're playing online, just leave another window open so you can refer back to the charts whenever you need them. I hope this site helps you play a better and more successful game of video poker. Best of luck!

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Poker Online Gaming Regulations

Choosing an online casino can be quite a complicated process fraught with inconspicuous risks, but wise players may avoid most of the sinister aspects of the online gambling world by paying careful attention to contracts and industry standards.

Keeping up with the online gaming industry can be quite a task itself for the uninitiated, and players will find that a background in computer gaming is especially useful when navigating the world of Internet gaming because, like the video gaming community, the gambling community is full of people with a passion for their hobby and an eager willingness to share their experiences. Involving yourself in the online casino community is easy, and by asking questions about your favourite game on a message board or subscribing to a poker newsletter, you are actively supporting the online card playing community's commitment to fair play.

This sacred principle of adherence to practices of fair play is especially evident among online poker fans. The game's players and enthusiasts alone make up a significant percentage of the casino industry's target market so many popular information portals, such as sites like Ultimate bet poker or Poker.ca, are designed to improve the current quality of online gaming regulation. Because poker online is technically an online casino game that may or may not involve real money wagering, the practice of online gambling may be subject to legal ramifications under local government jurisdiction and can even incur financial penalties for players who participate in online casino games illegally.