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Video poker is very similar to slot machines. In fact, if you were to look around a casino floor, separating the slots from video poker machines may turn our to be quite the challenge - they all blend in. It's not until you take a closer look that the difference becomes more evident.

Video poker machines are built much in the same fashion that slot machines are. They are composed of a big blue screen that displays the cards, a random number generator and buttons to allow the player to make his or her selection, all enclosed in one big steel case. Usually, a chart featuring the payout percentages and jackpot amounts is located near the top of the machine. Just below the screen, you'll be able to locate the buttons that let you play the game. Generally, there are five hold buttons (one for each of the cards), one button to double down (given this option is available in the game), and one button to draw new cards. Some video poker machines come with several other buttons such as max bets, one credit, two credits, etc.

I mentioned the random number generator, or RNG as they're often called. The RNG is a piece of software built into the machine that ensures a truly random outcome of game play. The RNG runs at a rate of hundreds times per second, constantly coming up with a new random card sequence. Once a coin is dropped in or the draw, start, or deal button pressed, the sequence is set. Regardless of which card(s) you chose to discard, the replacement card(s) will be the same. This resonates the way a game would be played with a deck of cards; once the shuffling is done, the cards are picked from the top of the deck. The RNG is simply shuffling the deck.

Video poker is a lot of fun to play at a casino, especially in Vegas where the selection of machines is unsurpassed. Today, fans of this game have another option readily available at their fingertips - online video poker.