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There is no way to play video poker with no house edge, but there is a way to play it so that the house edge is as low as possible for the game and that's what the video poker strategy page was all about. I sure hope you've read it.

You might find that remembering all the different rules might be a little much at first; it's something that takes time and before you know it you'll be making decisions as if it were your second nature. One thing that helps reinforce the strategy is the following video poker tips section. It's a good guideline to start off with if you're having problems with all the other rules. Here are a few things that you shouldn't do at video poker.

  • Don't hold a kicker (a high unpaired card that you'd keep along with a low pair)

  • Don't draw to complete straight unless you have a one-card draw to a straight that is open at both ends.

  • Don't hold three cards of the same suit hoping to make a flush. The odds are mighty against you.

  • Don't hold three consecutive cards hoping to make a straight. The odds are that you won't much like the pervious video poker tip. An exception to this is when you have three consecutive suited cards. Then the potential payoff is well worth the risk.

  • Don't play two-card connectors. This means keeping a Jack and a Queen, or an 8 and a 9 just because they're consecutive numbers. It's won't improve your chances of making a good hand.

  • Don't hold more than two high cards when there are no other trends in your hand.
Following these few simple tips shouldn't be difficult; they do make sense if you give them a long enough thought. However you decide to play the game of video poker, I sure hope that you'll take the information that I have provided herein under consideration. It'll only give you better odds at getting your hands on the nice jackpot.